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    Welcome to the website of the Beta Delta Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta here at Michigan State University. I am excited to share our chapter with you! Feel free to explore our website to learn more about our sisterhood.


    Our chapter prides itself on being a diverse group of women who are joined in the bonds of friendship and sisterhood. Beta Delta proudly represents the four core values of Gamma Phi Beta – Love, Labor, Learning and Loyalty. We truly strive to achieve the highest type of womanhood in our sisters and ourselves every day. Gamma Phi Beta holds a high standard for academic success, community involvement and genuine friendships and Beta Delta is no exception.


    Gamma Phi Beta has come to mean the world to me. It has given me an opportunity to grow as both a student and a friend. Beta Delta is my home away from home and I could not be more proud to say I am a sister of Gamma Phi Beta. This chapter has provided me with friends who can make me laugh, push me and support me in my academics and most importantly encourage me to be the best person that I can be. I hope that our website gives you a glimpse into the lifetime of sisterhood that we have all found in Gamma Phi Beta.



    Katie Burke

    Beta Delta Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta President