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    Hello and welcome to the website of the Beta Delta Chapter of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority at Michigan State University! Feel free to explore our website to learn more about our sorority and how amazing this sisterhood is. 


    There are not enough words to describe how perfect this sisterhood is and the wonderful girls a part of it. I’d like to start with one of the most important parts of the sorority; Gamma Phi Beta is built on four core values: love, labor, learning, and loyalty. Not only does Gamma Phi Beta represent these values, but every sister of the Beta Delta chapter embodies each of these four values. There is love in every friendship of our sisterhood, labor in the dedication to serve the community and give back to others, as well as learning in the task of attaining academic success, and loyalty to the chapter through the lifelong journey as a sister of Gamma Phi Beta.


    It is a honor to be Chapter President, and there is no experience more rewarding than to be able to stand in front of the amazing and confident women who are a part of this sisterhood. I am so proud to call each and every one of them my sister. We strive to achieve the highest type of womanhood in our everyday lives, and we are deeply committed to community service, leadership, scholarship, and friendship.


    This sorority is such an important part of my life, and I couldn’t be more proud to say I am a sister of Gamma Phi Beta. It is because of this sisterhood that I have made lifelong friends who push me to become the best person I can be and will be with me every step of the way for the rest of my life. Now, my only hope is that you have begun to get a feel for how special the Gamma Phi Beta sisterhood and Michigan State University is!




    Ashley Waite

    Chapter President








    Gamma Phi strives for excellence in all of our endeavors! Here are just a few of our achievements:


    Greek Gala 


     Scholarship Programming Award for 2014


    Community Relations Award for 2012 


    Greek Week 


    Winning Team of Greek Week 2015


     2nd Fundrasing team for Relay for Life  

    reaching a total of $45,005.00 raised for cancer research 


    2nd Place for MTV Night 


    8th Place for Songfest